We Offer Both Short-Term and Long-Term Remote DBA Services for Any Size Business

Agility is about principles before tools. We help you clarify what you want to achieve and build the best ways of working to achieve it.

Program elements can be tailored to your agile and digital context and business goals but often includes

Our Remote DBA Services include:

Health Checks

Database Health Check

A database is the foundation that enterprise applications are built on. If anything goes wrong with that foundation, everything built on it is affected. Problems take the form of system-breaking errors sometimes, yes, but some issues are more subtle: degrading performance, leaking memory, inefficient data structure, or old hardware, to name a few. Challenges like these steal money, time, and valuable resources, and may go unnoticed for months—which is why a regular database health check isn’t just an option. They’re a necessity.

Performance Tuning

Together we assess the efficiency and effectiveness of your environment with powerful database performance tuning and optimization solutions.

By assessing your database system, application, capacity, and hardware performance demands, our team can determine the effectiveness and efficiency of your database computing environment. Part of our goal for your company is to provide suggestions and plans to empower your business to experience improved operations and increased revenue.

Some areas to analyze include:

  • SQL statement tuning
  • Database Instance Tuning
  • OS tuning
  • Hardware or SAN troubleshooting.
We also identify areas for potential high performance and stability gain. Creating an implementation plan will allow you to take advantage of system improvements, better enabling you to manage your system and business requirements.

Business Intelligence

XTIVIA’s Business Intelligence (BI) solutions give decision makers the information they need to improve business performance at strategic, tactical and organizational levels. Our BI solutions provide vital access to information allowing your company to make informed decisions and respond swiftly and appropriately to changing conditions that impact your business.

Industry Standard Products and Integrated Approach

XTIVIA BI offerings are built on powerful industry standard product suites including Microsoft SQL Server and IBM InfoSphere Warehouse. They are delivered throughout your organization via typical web/office/intranet interfaces. This integrated approach means you can build and deploy robust BI applications for everyone throughout the company, while keeping costs under control.

We’ll Help You Obtain Thorough Business Intelligence

Our team will help you create the performance management tools to make optimum use of financial, operational, sales and human resource data. You’ll gain a single, common overview of your company’s business processes.

Our team can help whether you are just beginning a BI initiative or have some solutions in place. From assessing the readiness of your organization to implementing an enterprise-wide solution We’ll help you achieve your goals.

BI Offerings:

  • BI readiness assessment
  • BI performance/maturity assessment
  • Turnkey BI implementation including hardware, software and services

Managed Service Plans

Remote Database Management Services on your terms, meeting your business needs.

Providing quality database management services and support for your IBM Db2 LUW, IBM Informix, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB or PostgreSQL database systems, based on your requirements and your budget. Virtual-DBA, powered by XTIVIA has database services solutions to help your business succeed.

Backup and Recovery

An audit of system operations is used to identify potential problems, produce a course of action, and perform work to implement database backup, data security and recovery strategies that fit into your business plan.

Many agree that the best solution for avoiding downtime and data loss in a production environment is to implement a preventive maintenance strategy before problems occur. Our engineers are available to assist you with IBM Db2 LUW, IBM Informix, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL .

Database Backup Overview

Many organizations do not focus on their backup and recovery processes and technology until it’s too late. The result? Greater cost, diminished productivity, and ultimately, loss of end-user and customer confidence.

While many organizations have backup and recovery policies in place, often times those programs have not been verified recently. Increased computing complexity and constant changes in the business and IT environment lead to program and technology disparities and performance gaps. Locating expert backup and recovery resources internally can be difficult at best.

What is your business’s reputation worth? How do you notify a customer that you’ve lost their order or record? What do you do if you lose your contact information for all your clients, suppliers or partners? If you can’t provide your service and run your business during a disaster, can your competitors? How much will it cost to win back your customers from your competitors after you do recover? How are you going explain your downtime to your investors, your associates, the media or your management?

Guard Your Peace of Mind

We start with a complete, in-depth analysis of your current backup and recovery systems, policies and readiness. Hardware, software, network, storage, media, and processes are all evaluated and validated for proper configuration, operation, performance, and reliability.

XTIVIA will also look at operational costs and financial efficiencies and provide a complete score card on the state of your backup and recovery systems. We deliver recommendations and strategies to improve your program, meet organizational objectives and leverage industry best practices.

Backup and Recovery Solutions

Based on audit results and client initiatives, XTIVIA can provide complete backup and recovery solutions or supplement existing programs. We plan, design, steer, implement, train, and turn over systems and processes that are in tune with your needs and budget. By tailoring our backup and recovery solutions to your unique needs and computing environment, we deliver:

  • Backup and recovery planning for multi-vendor information technology
  • Services to design, pilot, and implement backup and recovery solutions
  • Comprehensive training
  • Solutions tailored to unique operational requirements and budgets
  • Disaster recovery planning


Our backup and recovery services help ensure your organization will experience:

  • Protection for the future of your business
  • Reduced downtime and minimized impact in the event of a disaster
  • Greater efficiency
  • Increased confidence of your associates, clients, investors and business partners
  • Increased security
  • Optimal performance
  • Protection of your client base
  • Protection of your reputation

Migration Services

Top-notch conversion and database migration services that won’t break the bank

At XTIVIA, we pride ourselves in providing quality database migration services at the right price.

When you work with XTIVIA, you receive:

  • Accurate costing and sizing of the database migration
  • The expertise necessary to help control the risk associated with database and related application migration
  • Cost effective database migrations
  • Experts with vast experience moving applications and associated databases from one OS platform to another

Database migration services – we meet your needs.

Our engineers have vast experience in all aspects of data migration using the following approach.

More on Some of Our Services

  • Cross OS PlatformXTIVIA provides migration services to help move your current database system to another platform. Do you need help migrating your database systems to Linux? Are you moving some legacy database systems to the most recent version of Microsoft Windows? Our engineers can help you move your systems regardless of the operating systems and platforms involved.
  • Cross Database VendorXTIVIA also provides migration services to help move you from your current database vendor to another database vendor. Do you need someone to help you move from IBM Informix to IBM LUW? Or are you migrating from Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server? Our DBAs can work with you through all phases of the migration regardless of the databases involved.
  • Data Transformation. The migration of data, unloading/loading of data, and transformation of data between database systems or platforms can be handled by our staff as required. Vendor-supplied load or migration utilities, third-party tools or custom written solutions can be incorporated as necessary.

Replication Services

Our engineers plan, deploy, manage, administer, monitor and troubleshoot database replication designs and implementations for a variety of database vendors.

We’ll help you create and maintain multiple copies of your database. Database replication improves availability because the slave database servers can be configured to take over for the master database server if it is unavailable.

Here’s how it works:

  • In most implementations, one database server maintains the master copy of the database and additional database servers maintain slave copies of the database.
  • Database writes are sent to the master database server and are then replicated by the slave database servers.
  • Database reads are divided among all of the database servers. This load sharing results in increased performance.
Contact us today so that we can provide you a proposal for the database replication services your business needs. Typically a conference call with our technical team to get an overview of your issues or needs and gain some measure of your environment is all it takes to get the process started.

Software Licensing

Our Experience is Your Advantage

Some vendors offer discounts based on “year-end” pricing, but this can fluctuate. Year-end for Oracle is in May, Microsoft is in June, and IBM is in December. So don’t let “this year’s discount” cost you next year with promised last minute discounts on your software licensing. We can help.

Many customers will be surprised by an audit this year. If you are not in compliance, an audit can cost you BIG bucks. Let us help stagger your licensing renewals for best cost solutions and financial gain.

Remote DBA has partnered with many of the leading enterprise vendors for over a decade and we understand how to work with them to get the best discounts available, while also helping our customers navigate the difficulties found in compliance and software audits.