Make every part of your business more resilient

As your business ecosystem and value chain expand, we work to increase your resilience against cyber threats.

Anytime. Anywhere. We create cybersecurity tailored to your specific business needs. We defend against cyberattacks with proactive, focused, industry-relevant threat intelligence to give you the confidence that comes from knowing your business is secure.

At Appstract, we believe confidence in cybersecurity and privacy does not come from knowing nothing will happen; it is achieved by knowing all the things that can happen and preparing both proactive and reactive solutions.

  • Cyber Security Audit
  • Our Cybersecurity Audit Services

    Given the spotlight on privacy and data security, as well as the regulator’s increasing focus on operational resilience, a cyber security audit will help you identify areas of weakness and allow you to mitigate the risks posed by external threat actors before they can be exploited.

    Rest assured you are dealing with the best in the business – leading cyber security professionals who have many years of experience across security domains and deep expertise in the payments, e-money, crypto, retail banking, asset management and FX sectors

    Why carry out a cyber security audit?

    Cyber security reviews are an essential tool in delivering effective management of cyber security and underpin compliance to PSD2, particularly the Article 3 requirement of the Regulatory Technical Standards, as well as ISO 27001, and Cyber Essentials Plus.

    Demonstrate your cyber security standards to external parties

    You can use your audit reports to demonstrate to third parties that the highest standards of cyber security are maintained throughout the organisation. The reports can also be used to demonstrate:

    • Independent and expert view of the effectiveness of your current cyber security;
    • An understanding of the dynamic nature of cyber security threats;
    • Compliance and alignment with standards such as ISO 27001, NIST Cyber Security  Framework, Cyber Essentials and GDPR;
    • Future improvement activities of your cyber security measures;
    • Your cyber security posture to win new business.
    If you are looking for a review of your cyber security capability that can be used for the benefit of your business and to help you improve how you demonstrate to customers, employees, shareholders and regulators how your organisation protects itself , then get in touch with us today.
  • Cyber Security
  • Our Cybersecurity Consulting Services

    At Protiviti, we believe confidence in cybersecurity and privacy does not come from knowing nothing will happen; it is achieved by knowing all the things that can happen and preparing both proactive and reactive solutions.

    With our ability to function at both the strategic and tactical levels, Appstract’s cybersecurity consulting services combine deep technical competence with executive-level communication and management. Our subject matter experts help our clients understand their cyber risk and address their needs – be it by implementing a cybersecurity program, complying with cybersecurity standards, performing pen testing, or responding to a data breach.

    Our holistic approach starts by understanding what is most important to organizations, then structuring and supporting programs so your business is engineered to leverage technology, realize efficiency, grow securely, and keep your assets safe.